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Saturday, September 11, 2010


We toured the city of Bandung the 3rd largest city of Indonesia with a population of 4 million.  It has a history of Dutch rule which defines the style of the older architecture.  The city bustles with cars and trucks like any large city of the world, but it also accommodates thousands of motorbikes carrying one, two, three or four riders--as well as pedal taxis and horse drawn carts.  The motorbikes squeeze between lines of traffic and cross the center lane line in order to pass.  Motor vehicles are right hand steering and drive on the left side of the road as in England.

We wandered through "Paris von Java" a modern shopping mall and ate hot dogs and drank Orange Julius's at the Dairy Queen.

Sunday morning begins with Warren preaching at the Sundanese Church worship service following which  David will speak at the Indonesian service and Steve will provide the communion meditation for both.  Sunday afternoon we fly to central Java and updates may be less frequent--particularly while we are in rural West Kalimantan for the second half of the week and weekend.
Gi in front of Governor's Mansion
mall shopping cart on escalator

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  1. Thanks for the postings. We are getting quite an education here in the states. God bless you.